ESO Mundus Stones Guide


If you've been playing Elder Scrolls titles for a while, then you will likely already be familiar with what Mundus Stones are (in Skyrim they were called Standing Stones), but for those new to the series, this guide will help you out.

Mundus Stone

Throughout Tamriel are statues dedicated to the thirteen named constellations in the night sky, and these statues, known as Mundus Stones, grant semi-permanent buffs to those who use them.

The buffs are semi-permanent in that once you use a Mundus Stone, the buff will remain with you for an unlimited time--however, you can only have a buff from a single stone at a time. 

The buffs are pretty darn good too, so choosing the one that's right for you is important! Choosing a buff that you don't want isn't too big if a deal though... you can always just go to another Mundus Stone to get the buff that it grants and it will replace the one you got from another Mundus Stone.


So, without further adu, here are the buffs that each Mundus Stone grants.


  • The Apprentice: Increases spell penetration
  • The Atronach: Increases magicka regeneration
  • The Lady: Increases armor
  • The Lord: Increases maximum health
  • The Lover: Reduces damage taken from spells
  • The Mage: Increases maximum magicka
  • The Ritual: Increases healing effectiveness
  • The Serpent: Increases non-combat stamina regeneration
  • The Shadow: Increases critical strike damage
  • The Steed: Increases run speed
  • The Thief: Increases critical chance
  • The Tower: Increases maximum stamina
  • The Warrior: Increases power

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