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The Elder Scrolls Online Mastery

This guide is the single best source of information on how to master TESO that we've found.


Treasure Map Guide

Locations for all of the treasure maps in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Jewelry Crafting Guide

Details on Jewelry Crafting and how you can create Legendary Jewelry.


Crafting Writ Survey Locations Guide

Locations for all crafting surveys in ESO.


Enchanting Guide

All the info you need to quickly level up your enchanting.


Alchemy Guide

Everything you need to know to level up your alchemy skills.


Crafting Guide

This crafting guide gives you the information you need to start crafting.


Alliance Guide

Our guide on how it feels to play in each of the alliances, so you know which one to pick when you're starting out.


Bag Space Guide

Here are all the ways to maximize your inventory space in Elder Scrolls Online.


Armor Types Guide

Want to know why to choose one armor type over another? This guide is for you!


Mundus Stones Guide

Learn what Mundus Stones are and what it is that they do.


Console Controllers Guide

A quick reference guide to controllers for XBone and PS4.


Dye Guide

Everything you need to know to dye your armor and make your character as unique as you are!


Justice System Guide

How to lead a life of crime in ESO.


How To Guide

This guide is a quick reference on how to do a bunch of various things that aren't immediately obvious in the default UI.

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