ESO Crafting Writ Survey Guide


Completing crafting writ quests in The Elder Scrolls Online will sometimes yield a crafting survey as one of the quest rewards. These surveys are similar to treasure maps, in that they depict an obscure location that is somewhere in the zone the crafting writ quest is completed in. Below is a list of coordinates for all of the survey locations in Tamriel.

To make use of the coordinates, I recommend installing a map add-on that displays the coordinates of your location. That will allow you to find all of the locations for the surveys. See the links page for a good add-on manager.

Alik'r Desert Survey Locations

Alchemist Survey: Aliki'r (40.33x65.23)
Blacksmith Survey: Aliki'r (09.80x47.95)
Clothier Survey: Aliki'r (63.03x62.65)
Enchanting Survey: Aliki'r (82.42x34.15)
Woodworker Survey: Alik'r (60.00x36.09)


Auridon Survey Locations

Alchemist Survey: Auridon (54.59x30.44)
Blacksmith Survey: Auridon (63.59x69.50)
Clothier Survey: Auridon (40.85x70.07)
Enchanter Survey: Auridon (44.71x28.55)
Woodworker Survey: Auridon (54.83x46.50)


Bangkorai Survey Locations

Blacksmith Survey: Bangkorai (47.30x61.53)
Clothier Survey: Bangkorai (58.00x37.61)
Enchanter Survey: Bangkorai (52.75x16.27)
Woodworker Survey: Bangkorai (70.13x68.88)


Coldharbour Survey Locations

Alchemist Survey: Coldharbour I (41.38x77.58)
Alchemist Survey: Coldharbour II (42.63x70.08)
Blacksmith Survey: Colharbour I (74.46x66.42)
Blacksmith Survey: Colharbour II (73.10x70.30)
Clothier Survey: Colharbour I (67.26x76.06)
Clothier Survey: Colharbour II (63.00x69.80)
Enchanter Survey: Coldharbour I (24.86x61.82)
Enchanter Survey: Coldharbour II (26.19x67.65)
Woodworking Survey: Coldharbour I (45.45x50.50)
Woodworking Survey: Coldharbour II (54.90x44.90)


Craglorn Survey Locations

Alchemist Survey: Craglorn I (33.77x55.86)
Alchemist Survey: Craglorn II (53.46x48.55)
Alchemist Survey: Craglorn III (19.60x40.40)
Blacksmith Survey: Craglorn I (67.58x36.92)
Blacksmith Survey: Craglorn II (45.91x32.34)
Blacksmith Survey: Craglorn III (43.09x44.33)
Clothier Survey: Craglorn I (45.80x52.96)
Clothier Survey: Craglorn II (39.34x47.54)
Clothier Survey: Craglorn III (30.50x45.30)
Enchanter Survey: Craglorn I (57.72x51.85)
Enchanter Survey: Craglorn II (16.43x37.24)
Enchanter Survey: Craglorn III (67.49x42.77)
Woodworker Survey: Craglorn I (08.54x33.03)
Woodworker Survey: Craglorn II (64.84x36.32)
Woodworker Survey: Craglorn III (41.98x50.19)


Deshaan Survey Locations

Alchemist Survey: Deshaan (14.90x49.52)
Blacksmith Survey: Deshaan (47.60x42.04)
Clothier Survey: Deshaan (23.89x48.11)
Enchanter Survey: Deshaan (78.77x40.82)
Woodworker Survey: Deshaan (63.70x55.03)


Eastmarch Survey Locations

Alchemy Survey: Eastmarch (37.96x60.45)
Blacksmith Survey: Eastmarch (35.33x28.86)
Clothier Survey: Eastmarch (68.00x61.25)
Enchanting Survey: Eastmarch (53.06x41.49)
Woodworker Survey: Eastmarch (45.24x49.77)


Glenumbra Survey Locations

Alchemy Survey: Glenumbra (34.35x49.32)
Blacksmith Survey: Glenumbra (36.38x83.40)
Clothier Survey: Glenumbra (41.42x59.66)
Enchanter Survey: Glenumbra (71.55x30.33)
Woodworking Survey: Glenumbra (64.61x50.43)


Grahtwood Survey Locations

Alchemist Survey: Grahtwood (61.20x38.08)
Blacksmith Survey: Grahtwood (76.74x46.93)
Clothier Survey: Shadowfen (45.78x78.74)
Enchanter Survey: Grahtwood (31.52x58.24)
Woodworking Survey: Grahtwood (42.58x26.49)


Greenshade Survey Locations

Alchemist Survey: Greenshade (76.42x82.67)
Blacksmith Survey: Greenshade (59.90x62.73)
Clothier Survey: Greenshade (56.01 x 41.01)
Enchanting Survey: Greenshade (50.28x28.91)
Woodworker Survey: Greenshade (55.66x39.62)


Malabal Tor Survey Locations

Alchemist Survey: Malabal Tor (80.33x16.86) -- this is tricky to get to due to high level terrain, but you can access a path at (78.98x22.01) to get you there.
Blacksmith Survey: Malabal Tor (83.26x49.42)
Clothier Survey: Malabar Tor (27.66x62.76)
Enchanting Survey: Malabal Tor (58.45x79.77)
Woodworking Survey: Malabal Tor (58.50x58.65)


Reaper's March Survey Locations

Blacksmith Survey: Reaper's March (64.5x22.0)
Clothier Survey: Reaper's March (59.24x51.87)
Enchanter Survey: Repear's March (32.97x73.69)
Woodworking Survey: Reaper's March (42.89x84.85)


Rivenspire Survey Locations

Alchemist Survey: Rivenspire (80.25x32.98)
Blacksmith Survey: Rivenspire (69.29x62.43)
Clothier Survey: Rivenspire (29.71x64.13)
Enchanting Survey: Rivenspire (61.82x43.12)
Woodworking Survey: Rivenspire (54.44x64.39)


Shadowfen Survey Locations

Alchemist Survey: Shadowfen (35.84x26.55)
Blacksmith Survey: Shadowfen (79.59x85.22)
Clothier Survey: Shadowfen (75.17x43.08)
Enchanter Survey: Shadowfen (40.06x69.56)
Woodworking Survey: Shadowfen (58.04x67.94)


Stonefalls Survey Locations

Alchemy Survey: Stonefalls (55.91x39.08)
Blacksmith Survey: Stonefalls (67.18x57.41)
Clothier Survey: Stonefalls (31.14x43.55)
Enchanter Survey: Stonefalls (74.78x58.13)
Woodworking Survey: Stonefalls (15.93x55.78)


Stormhaven Survey Locations

Alchemy Survey: Stormhaven (79.45x50.03)
Blacksmith Survey: Stormhaven (34.00x56.57)
Clothier Survey: Stormhaven (26.83x31.62)
Enchanter Survey: Stormhaven (34.45x34.43)
Woodworker Survey: Stormhaven (57.10x44.67)


The Rift Survey Locations

Blacksmith Survey: The Rift (71.41x55.86)
Clothier Survey: The Rift (62.91x35.75)
Enchanter Survey: The Rift (15.15x29.67)
Woodworker Survey: Rift I (49.75 x 33.67)


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