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As I play The Elder Scrolls Online, I see a lot of similar questions being asked in chat, or sometimes I just figure something out that I think would be a good thing to include for others to know about. That's what this how to guide is here for.

How to Fix Stuck Quests.

If you have a quest that's stuck on "Wait for X", with X being "refugees" etc., or in other cases when something is supposed to happen but doesn't, or if a quest item is missing, a quick fix is to log out where you are, and then log back in again.


How to Enchant Items

To add an enchantement to a piece of armor, you first need to obtain an enchantment either from a vendor or by creating it at an enchanting station.

Next, hold your mouse cursor over the piece of armor you want to enchant and press "R". That will bring up the enchanting window and allow you to apply available enchantments to the item.

See the Enchanting Guide for more information.


How to Extract Materials

To extract materials, go to the appropriate station (woodworking, blacksmithing, etc.) and use the station. In the top right of the station screen you will see a few icons. Mouse over each one there to see what it does, and you will see one called "Extraction".

Click on that icon to bring up a list of all items that can be used in extraction. By default this screen will show weapons and armor that can be "melted down" for their base materials.

However, if you have raw materials such as iron or jute, look for another icon on the extraction screen that you can click to bring up the list of raw materials that you can smelt down to useable crafting materials.


How to Learn a Crafting Style

There are blue and purple lore books that are rare random drops from monsters in the world; these books can also be found in night tables, packs, barrels, chests, trunks, etc., so be sure to look in everything. Use these books to learn new styles.

Note: people are often selling these in trade/zone chat as well, but they can be expensive.


How to Improve Skills

The best way to improve your skills of any sort (weapon skills, armor skills, blacksmithing, cooking, etc) is to just use them. Some skills, like cooking, require you to find recipes before you can start, but for the most part, just start using a wepaon or put on some armor to start getting better with it.

Another way to improve skills is to search bookshelves. There are bookshelves all over the place... just search them, and a lot of the time you'll see a skill improve.

Note: don't be afraid to walk into strangers houses and read their books. They don't seem to mind sharing the knowledge. :)


How to Increase Backpack Size

The quick answer is: find a Pack Merchant or Bag Vendor and they will increase your pack size by 10 slots, for a fee. For a lot more information on how to expand your inventory space, see the Bag Space Guide.


How to Get Around

Wayshrines are the fastest way to travel long distances.

To use a wayshrine you have already visited you can bring up your map and click on any wayshrine you've found to travel to it, for a fee.

If you have not found a particular wayshrine, you need to travel to it over land and just step inside of it to make it available to travel to by using your map.

You can also travel from one wayshrine to another wayshrine, free of charge.


If you are travelling by land, a horse is a lot faster than running around on your own legs. Horses are expensive, but once you have one you can summon it by pressing "H".


How to Create a Guild

Anyone can create a guild for no cost. Just press "G" and choose the Create a Guild option. Remember that when you are creating a guild, the faction you choose for it will be the only one that guild members can fight for in Cyrodil.

You can be a member of up to 5 guilds. 


How to Chat in Each of Your Guilds

To chat to each guild, type /g1 through to /g5 to change the active guild channel your message will go to.


How to Invite People to a Guild

To invite someone to a guild, you must first have permission to invite them. If you have permission, then open up the Guild screen by pressing "G", then go to the Roster tab by clicking the icon that looks like a scroll in the upper right of the guild screen.

Next, press "E" and then invite the person either by player name, or by player ID. Remember, player IDs must be prefixed with the "@" symbol.


How to Promote a Guild Member

To promote a guild member, you must first have permission to promote members. If you have permissions then open up the Guild screen by pressing "G", then go to the Roster tab by clicking the icon that looks like a scroll in the upper right of the guild screen.

Next, right-click the person's name and select "Promote".


How to Find/Add Friends

Press "O" to bring up your social screen. From there you can add friends either by player name or user ID. 

Note: if you are trying to add a friend by user ID, you must prefix the user ID with "@".


How to Find a Group

Need a group for a dungeon? Press "P" to bring up the group finder.


How to Get Into PVP

You can get into PVP at level 10. To do this, open the Alliance War screen by pressing "L".

This will show you the current status of the Alliance War, and you'll see three icons at the top right of the screen. Click to right-most one, named Campaigns, to bring up a list of current campaigns.

Campaigns are instances of the PVP zone, named Cyrodil, that you can join. You are assigned a home campaign by default, and to get into PVP just click on the campaign and hit the corresponding "Go to Campaign" button.


Cyrodil WayshrineHow to Leave PVP / Leave Cyrodil

This seems like an easy question, but a lot of people get stumped by it.

To leave PVP/Cyrodil, you have to go to the Wayshrine for the area and use it (I've highlighted one in the example to the right).

When you're using the Wayshrine, be sure to return to the area you were in when you joined PVP.


How do I Take a Screen Shot?

The default key binding is the Print Screen/Sys Req button. The screen shots are stored in <My Documents>\Elder Scrolls Online\live\Screenshots


How to Add a Quickslot Item

Go to your inventory, and press "Q" to bring up the quickslot dial. Click and drag items from your inventory into the slot of your choice, then press "Q" again.

To make a quickslot item active for use while you are adventuring, press and hold "Q" to bring up the dial and then move your point over the item you want to set as the active item. When the item you want active is highlighted, release "Q".

Now when you tap "Q" while adventuring, you will use the active item.


How to Enter Cursor Mode

The default key binding is  the period button (".").


How to Respec / Reset Your Stats, and Get Married

To respec, you'll need to get to the tier 3 zone of your faction, and look for the Shrines of Mara, Akatosh, and Stendarr.

These shrines allow you to espouse your beloved, respec your skill points, and respec your attribute points.

The cities in which these shrines can be found are as follows:

Ebonheart Pact - Deshaan

Aldmeri Dominion - Elden Root

Daggerfall Covenant - Wayrest


You can get married early in the game--no need to go to the tier 3 zone. You just need to find the Shrine of Mara in the capital city that you start in. Note: you can only get married if you have the pledge of Mara, which is an item given to those who pre-ordered TESO.


How to Toggle Auto-Walk

The default key to turn on, or hold, the walk button is the Num Lock key. Hit it again, or press the normal walk key, to turn it off.


How to Sneak

Press Ctrl to toggle sneaking on and off.


How to Train Your Horse

Go to the stables and talk to the vendor that you buy horses from. Once you have purchased a horse, there will then be an option at this vendor to train your horse. 


How to Transfer Maps Between Characters

To send maps to your other characters, you must take the maps out of the container that they are mailed to you in, and put them into your bank. The bank is shared between characters, so you can retrieve the maps on any character you wish.


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