ESO Dye Guide


Something that almost every MMO player likes to do is make their character stand out in a crowd, and one of the best ways to do that is by dying your armor as you see fit. A good color scheme is a reflection of both the player, and the player's character.

Elder Scrolls Online has an excellent dye system, and as you can see in the table below, many colors to choose from.


How to Dye in ESO

To apply dye to your armor in ESO, you must have the dye unlocked, and you have to be at a Dye Station. Check the image to the right to see what a station looks like on your map.ESO Dye Station

Here is a list of dye stations and their Alliance locations throughout Tamriel:

Aldmeri Dominion Dye Stations Locations

Khenarthi’s Roost in Mistral: The Boatman’s Tail
Auridon in Vulkhel Guard: The Crystal Vial
Grahtwood in Elden Root: Main Hall
Greenshade in Marbruk: Mages Guild
Malabal Tor in Velyn Harbor: Mages Guild
Reaper’s March in Rawl’kha: The March Bazaar


Daggerfall Covenant Dye Stations Locations

Stros M’kai in Port Hunding’s: Main Open Marketplace
Betnikh in Stonetooth Fortress: Stonetooth Market
Glenumbra in Daggerfall: Daggerfall Millworks
Rivenspire in Shornhelm: Besides Stoneglow Enchantments and Untamed Elixirs
Stormhaven in Wayrest: Outside the Chironasium
Bangkorai in Evermore: Near Enchanting Station
Alik’r Desert in Sentinel: The Scholar’s Way


Ebonheart Pact Dye Stations Locations

Bleakrock Isle in Bleakrock Village: Bleakrock Trading Hall
Bal Foyen in Dhalmora: Fit-For- ings
Stonefalls in Ebonheart: Mages Guild
Deshaan in Mournhold: Hlaalu Alchemical Goods
Shadowfen in Stormhold: Riverside Markets
The Rift in Riften: Lakeside Experiments
Eastmarch in Windhelm: The Adept’s Retreat


When you use a Dye Station, you'll be presented with an interface similiar to this:

Dye Equipped Items Dye Window

The left side of the interface shows the gear that you have equipped, and as you can see there are three dye slots for each piece of gear. The slots represent (from left to right) the Primary color of the gear, the Secondary color, and finally the Trim color.

As you change the color of each slot item, your character's gear color will update to show you how it looks. Don't worry, the change isn't permanent until you hit the button to accept your changes.

The right side of the interface shows you what dyes are locked and those you have unlocked as well; those that are still locked have the picture of a lock overlaying them. In this window you can save preset colors schemes to easily apply later, and use the variety of tools to set up the color palette that suits you best.

As previously mentioned, dyes are unlocked via an achievement system. The table below contains a list of all dye colors, as well as the achievement required to unlock each dye.

Hint: Click the column headers to sort the table.

ColourDye NameAchievement to UnlockRarityHue
Faded Dwemer Scholar Red Dwarven Secrets Gatherer Common Red
Forge Ember Red Apprentice Deconstructor Common Red
Aspect Red Aspect Common Red
Oblivion Vermilion Oblivion Shard Gatherer Common Red
Mudcrab Maroon Chitin Accumulator Common Red
Fighters Guild Red Associate of the Fighters Guild Common Red
Dragonknights’ Blood Grand Dragonknight Slayer Common Red
Quester Yellow Quester Common Yellow
Master Gold Level 50 Hero Common Yellow
Templar’s Last Dawn Grand Templar Slayer Common Yellow
Automaton Bronze Dwarven Construct Slayer Common Yellow
Restorative Gold Greater Dungeon Healer Common Yellow
Dragonthorn Yellow Apprentice Crafting Harvester Common Yellow
Essence Green Essence Common Green
Explorer Green Explorer Common Green
Spriggan Green Nature Collector Common Green
Battaglir Green Recipe Card Common Green
Jute Green Expert Crafting Harvester Common Green
Corporal’s Green Alliance War Corporal Common Green
Gangrene Green Undead Hoarder Common Green
Hunter Green Nature Slayer Common Green
Guardian Blue Greater Dungeon Blocker Common Blue
Victor Turquoise Dungeon Annihilator Common Blue
Apprentice Blue Level 20 Hero Common Blue
Mages Guild Blue Student of the Mages Guild Common Blue
Motif Pattern Blue Alliance Style Master Common Blue
Potency Blue Potency Common Blue
Bugloss Blue Apprentice of Refinement Common Blue
Nightblades’ Indigo Grand Nightblade Slayer Common Blue
Dolmen Deep Blue Anchor Destroyer Common Blue
Sorcerers’ Bane Violet Grand Sorcerer Slayer Common Purple
Soul Gem Purple Chasing Shadow Common Purple
Amethyst Violet Learn a Trait Common Purple
Hyacinth Pink Journeyman Crafting Harvester Common Purple
Adept Purple Level 30 Hero Common Purple
Beast Collector Violet Tamriel Beast Collector Common Purple
Shein Violet Recipe Book Common Purple
Captain’s Violet Alliance War Captain Common Purple
Yokudan Cod Tan Craglorn Angler Common Brown
Novice Tan Level 10 Hero Common Brown
Raw Hide Tan Master Crafting Harvester Common Brown
Centurion Metal Alliance War Centurion Common Brown
Dried Blood Brown Recruit of the Undaunted Common Brown
Heartlands Umber Support the Fight Common Brown
Book Cover Brown Racial Style Learned Common Brown
Trolls Fur Brown Monstrous Component Collector Common Brown
Bandit Brown Humanoid Slayer Common Brown
Wolf’s Fur Brown Lycanthropy Common Brown
Boss Butcher Brown Dungeon Lord Common Brown
Birch White Expert of Refinement Common Grey
Volunteer’s Iron Alliance War Volunteer Common Grey
Boethiah Gray Daedra Slayer Common Grey
Obsidian Black Expert Deconstructor Common Grey
Mort Flesh White Undead Slayer Achievement Common Grey
Expert Gray Level 40 Hero Common Grey
Tombstone Gray Dungeon Damage Dispenser Common Grey
Noxophilic Black Vampirism Achievement Common Grey
Elemental White Atronach Element Collector Common Grey
Legionary’s Lead Alliance War Legionary Common Grey
Soul Shriven Gray Soul Shriven in Coldharbour Common Grey
Sergeant’s Charcoal Alliance War Sergeant Common Grey
Khenarthi Red Khenarthi’s Roost Pathfinder Uncommon Red
Recipe Reaper Red Recipe Compendium Uncommon Red
Pact Fisher Red Pact Fisherman Uncommon Red
Strangler Maw Red Shadowfen Master Explorer Uncommon Red
Kresh Flower Red Grand Master Crafting Harvester Uncommon Red
Flame-Knight Light Red Stormhaven Master Explorer Uncommon Red
Riften Copper Shattered Remnants Uncommon Red
Senche-Tiger Orange Hallowed Moons Uncommon Red
Enchanter Tangerine Master Enchanter Uncommon Red
Champion Red Fighters Guild Veteran Uncommon Red
Jode Red Reaper’s March Master Explorer Uncommon Red
Red Diamond Red The Valley of Blades Uncommon Red
Regicide Red Emperor Slayer Uncommon Red
Pact Conqueror Red Ebonheart Pact Conquerer Uncommon Red
Craglorn Crimson Craglorn Master Explorer Uncommon Red
Hlaalu Gold Plague Eater Uncommon Yellow
Evermore Gold End of Empire Uncommon Yellow
Mastic Yellow Legendary Woodworker Uncommon Yellow
Craftmaster Gold Master Deconstructor Uncommon Yellow
Hunding Gold Stros M’kai and Betnikh Explorer Uncommon Yellow
Sulfur Pools Yellow Eastmarch Master Explorer Uncommon Yellow
Dominion Fisher Yellow Dominion Fisherman Uncommon Yellow
Woodworker Yellow Master Woodworker Uncommon Yellow
Alchemist Bilious Master Alchemist Uncommon Yellow
Dominion Conqueror Yellow Aldmeri Dominion Conquerer Uncommon Yellow
Doomcrag Vedrigris Curse Breaker Uncommon Green
Dominion Vanquisher Green Vanquisher of the Dominion Uncommon Green
Falinesti Green Matchmaker Uncommon Green
Vine Green Glenumbra Master Uncommon Green
Nibenay Trout Green Cyrodiil Angler Uncommon Green
Hist Green Egg and Root Uncommon Green
Wyrd Tree Green Ritual Destruction Uncommon Green
Silvenar Green Malabal Tor Master Explorer Uncommon Green
Welkynd Blue Spirit of the Bosmer Uncommon Blue
Eyevea Blue Arch-Mage Uncommon Blue
Smith Steel Blue Master Blacksmith Uncommon Blue
Ransacker Blue Superior Ransacker Uncommon Blue
Covenant Conqueror Blue Daggerfall Covenant Conquerer Uncommon Blue
Netch Jelly Blue Bleakrock and Bal Foyen Explorer Uncommon Blue
Wisp Blue Bangkorai Master Explorer Uncommon Blue
Covenant Fisher Blue Covenant Fisherman Uncommon Blue
Alik’r Lapis Consecrated Ground Uncommon Blue
Indoril Blue Deshaan Master Uncommon Blue
Wayrest Royal Purple Rude Awakening Uncommon Purple
Ironweed Violet Legendary Clothier Uncommon Purple
Haunted Moor Mauve Rivenspire Master Explorer Uncommon Purple
Covenant Vanquisher Violet Vanquisher of the Covenant Uncommon Purple
Pillager Purple Epic Acquirer Uncommon Purple
Dibella’s Blush Greenshade Master Explorer Uncommon Purple
Master Adventurer Purple Master Adventurer Uncommon Purple
Clothier Purple Master Clothier Uncommon Purple
Nightshade Purple Chainbreaker Achievement Uncommon Purple
Telvanni Brown Stonefalls Master Explorer Uncommon Brown
Murder Mahogany Kill a Grand Overlord Uncommon Brown
Mammoth Fur Brown The Rift Master Explorer Uncommon Brown
Provisioner Brown Master Provisioner Uncommon Brown
Grath-Bark Brown Grahtwood Master Explorer Uncommon Brown
Adventurer Brown Adventurer Uncommon Brown
Pact Vanquisher Brown Vanquisher of the Pact Uncommon Brown
Brewer’s Ale Brown Iron Chef Uncommon Brown
Colovian Deep Brown Cyrodiil Cave Delver Uncommon Brown
Polished Steel Gray Master of Refinement Uncommon Grey
Windhelm Steel Blood Feud Uncommon Grey
Prefect’s Gray Alliance War Prefect Uncommon Grey
Thalmor Black Iconoclast Uncommon Grey
Stendarr White Master Monster Slayer Uncommon Grey
Moonstone White Trait Master Uncommon Grey
Earthforge Iron Gray Legendary Blacksmith Uncommon Grey
Tribune’s Steel Alliance War Tribune Uncommon Grey
Maormer-Eyes Gray Auridon Master Explorer Uncommon Grey
Soul Shriven Pale Coldharbour Master Explorer Achievement Uncommon Grey
Varla White A Rule Unquestioned Uncommon Grey
Ashland Gray Hearts of Darkness Uncommon Grey
Ash’abah Hood Gray Alik’r Desert Master Explorer Uncommon Grey
Dragonstar Red Time Trial: Hel Ra Citadel Rare Red
Syffim Red Fighters Guild Skill Master Rare Red
General’s Gold Alliance War General Rare Red
Pact Blood Red Hero of the Ebonheart Pact Rare Red
Warlord’s Red Alliance War Warlord Rare Red
Ruby Thorne Red Emperor! Rare Red
Daedric Red General Executioner Rare Red
Dominion Yellow Hero of the Aldmeri Dominion Rare Yellow
Grand Overlord’s Brass Alliance War Grand Overlord Rare Yellow
Ayleid Gold Aldmeri Master Explorer Rare Yellow
Legendary Gold Legendary Attire Rare Yellow
Akatosh’s Scales Gold Complete All Speed Challenges Rare Yellow
Aurora Green Time Trial: Aetherian Archive Rare Green
Orichalc Green Daggerfall Master Explorer Rare Green
Necromancer Blue Radiant Champion Rare Blue
Aetherial Blue Tamriel Skyshard Hunter Rare Blue
Entoloma Blue Truly Legendary Armor Rare Blue
Arcane Blue Mages Guild Skill Master Rare Blue
Mundus Blue Weekly Trial Complete Rare Blue
Covenant Blue Hero of the Daggerfall Covenant Rare Blue
Superior Blue Superior Attire Achievement Rare Blue
Celestial Violet Time Trial: Weekly Rare Purple
Indomitable Violet Indomitable Adventurer Rare Purple
Grand Warlord’s Violet Alliance War Grand Warlord Rare Purple
Voidstone Violet Complete All Death Challenges Rare Purple
Slaughterfish Flesh Pink Master Fisher Achievement Rare Purple
Epic Violet Epic Attire Achievement Rare Purple
Overlord’s Purple Alliance War Overlord Rare Purple
Undaunted Bronze Undaunted Skill Master Rare Brown
Atmoran Bronze Ebonheart Master Explorer Rare Brown
Motif Master Brown Rare Style Master Rare Brown
Julianos White Aetherian Archive Completed Rare Grey
Lamae’s White Vampirism Master Rare Grey
Lycanthrope Gray Lycanthropy Master Rare Grey
Legate’s Black Alliance War Legate Rare Grey
Cyrodilic Steel Cyrodilic Champion Rare Grey
Warrior’s Steel Hel ra Citadel Completed Rare Grey
Palatine’s White Alliance War Palatine Rare Grey
Liar’s Linen I Like M’aiq Rare Grey
Nirnroot Gray Botanist Achievement Rare Grey
Coldharbour Ash Black God of Schemes Rare Grey

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