ESO Jewelry Crafting Guide


Jewelry Crafting in The Elder Scrolls Online was introduced with the Summset Isle chapter/expansion. This profession allows player to create rings and necklaces that provide powerful abilities.

Becoming a Jewelry Crafter

In order to become a jewelcrafter, you need to purchase Chapter 2, Summerset Isle, however you can still use jewelry created by other players, as well as gather the materials used by jewelry crafters, without purchasing the new chapter. 

Jewelcrafing Station

If you own Summerset Isle, then becoming a jewelry crafter is as simple as visiting a jewelry crafting station. These stations are located throughout Tamriel near all the other crafting stations.


Materials are gathered throughout the world from nodes called "seams". Seams provide raw Dust, which can be refined into Ounces. As you spend skill points in the Jewelry Crafting skill line, the type of dust that you can gather and refine improves. Here is a table with types of dust and the character level required to refine it.

 Raw materials (dust):Character level:
Pewter Level 1 to 25
Copper Level 26 to 50
Silver Champion level 10 to 60
Electrum Champion level 70 to 140
Platinum Champion level 150 to 160


Skill Line

As with all crafting professions in ESO, you need to spend skill points in the jewelry crafting skill line in order to create higher end items. Here is a quick run-down of each of the passive abilities in the skill line.

  1. Engraver (5) – Increases the level range of items you can craft.
  2. Keen Eye: Jewelry (3) – Highlights resource nodes with a glow so they are easier to see in the world.
  3. Jewelry Extraction (3) – Increases your chance to receive materials when deconstructing existing jewelry.
  4. Lapidary Research (3) – Reduces the time required to research jewelry traits.
  5. Platings Expertise (3) – Reduces the number of Bars required to upgrade jewelry.



Unlike other professions, in jewelry crafting, you can only ever research one trait at a time, so expect to have a long wait IRL when you start getting close to having all traits researched. Speaking of traits....


Summerset Isle brings with it six new traits that can be found/researched on jewelry. Previously there were just three: Healthy, Arcane, and Robust. Now we also get the following: Protective, Triune, Infused, Swift, Harmony, and Bloodthirsty. Here is a table that describes each trait, the material to create jewelry with that trait, and where to find jewelry with that trait on it:

 Trait:Effect:Material:Trait source:
Arcane Increased max magicka. Cobalt. Acquired by refining base materials. Random drop anywhere in Tamriel.
Healthy Increased max health. Antimony. Acquired by refining base materials. Random drop anywhere in Tamriel.
Robust Increased max stamina. Zinc. Acquired by refining base materials. Random drop anywhere in Tamriel.
Triune Increased health, stamina and magicka. Dawn-Prism. Acquired from jewelcrafting resource nodes. Ring awarded from Summerset main quest line. Neck from Psijic Order quest line.
Infused Increased enchantment effect. Aurbic Amber. Acquired from Psijic Portals in raw form. Chance to drop from Psijic Portals.
Protective Increased physical and spell resistance. Titanium. Obtained from daily dungeon rewards in raw form. Chance to obtain from Undaunted chests.
Swift Increased movement speed. Gilding Wax. Purchased from Master Writ Merchants for Writ Vouchers. Chance to get when completing normal Jewelry Crafting Writs.
Harmony Increased synergy effect. Dibellium. High chance from weekly Trial quest reward boxes. Chance from weekly Trial quest reward boxes.
Bloodthirsty Increased damage against low-health enemies. Slaughterstone. Acquired from War Researcher vendor in Cyrodiil for Alliance Points. Chance to obtain when completing non-repeatable Cyrodiil daily board quests.

To find materials for a specific trait, you need to either deconstruct jewelry with the specific trait on it, or find it from specific sources noted in the table above. If you deconstruct jewelry for the trait material, it will come out in "pulverized" form. You will need 10 pulverized materials to refine into a useable material.

Upgrading Jewelry

Prior to Summerset Isle, the only way to get legendary quality jewelry was to complete Trials. Now, with Jewelry Crafting it is possible to upgrade all existing or new jewelry to legendary quality. Here's how to do it:

To upgrade an item, you need to get an upgrade material called "Bars". Bars are obtained by refining the raw Dust you gather into something Grains, and then you refine the Grains into Bars. These Bars have different quality levels that will determine the quality of the upgrade you can perform. Here are the types of Bars and the quality that each can be used to upgrade to (denoted by color).

  • Terne
  • Iridium
  • Zircon
  • Chromium

As with all other crafting professions, you have a chance to get upgrade materials when you deconstruct items, and the chances of getting Legendary quality materials is a lot more rare than getting lower quality materials.

Jewelry Crafting Writs

As you'd expect, you can get daily crafting writs for Jewelry Crafting, just like any other crafting profession. First, you must become a certified jewelry crafter. To do that, just talk to the High Elf, Felarian, to begin your Jewelry Crafting Certification quest. He can only be found just outside the crafting section of the city of Alinor, in Summerset.

This is what Felarian looks like:


This is Felarian's Location in Alinor:

Felarian Location Alinor

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